What is Coaching?


LIFE is a pretty awesome thing.  Sometimes the path is very clear, sometimes there are stones in the way.  A coach will help you focus in on what you want and help you achieve it.  Together we will set goals, develop actions plans and celebrate when you get there!  When we are with you we are WITH YOU! It's one time in your life when someone is totally involved in you and helping you get where you want to be.  


Have you ever had a dream job in mind, or a promotion you really wanted at work?  How about a little trouble navigating relationships in the workplace? Maybe you've been part of a layoff and you have to find a new job.  A coach will help you zero in on the goal and help you climb the work ladder and arrive where you want to end up!  We will help you nourish your soul and your dreams.


Is there something that you have just ALWAYS wanted to accomplish? A hobby you want to own for life? A skill you wish to develop? Our coaches here at Focus On A  Great Life will help you get there!  We ask great questions, pose interesting possibilities, and cheer you on and work with obstacles until you reach your goal.